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So now what?synthesis
The Executive Management Team for your Hospital expects justification for the $500,000 expense in hiring a leading consulting firm and Industry “expert” to design a strategy for financial and operational improvement. Unfortunately, the 500 page report on your organization’s deficiencies failed to address the most important consideration of all – how to translate opportunity into financial and operational reality.

While creating the implementation work plans, your Project Team begins to find a general lack of alignment to operational realities. They report many priority recommendations lack feasibility and fail to account for resource availability or the political effort required to execute. How will you ever link Strategy to Implementation?

Synthesis: Aligning Strategy to Implementation
The example cited above is real and lends testimony to the need of holding consultants accountable to their recommendations. Failing to synthesize an organization’s enterprise strategy with its operations, resources, culture and community invariably leads to stalled initiatives dragging on financial and operational performance.

Strategic planning fails when over-reliant upon secondary information sources, ‘expert’ opinion without experiential corroboration or lacking primary data obtained from key stakeholders. Typically employing a uniform approach to all of Healthcare’s problems, it fails to adjust for the nuances or unique needs of an organization; hence, the sharp relief between recommendations and operational realities to achieve results.

Proper strategic planning requires intelligence in design and integrity in delivery to permit enduring transformation. Synthesizing strategy to implementation requires building consensus amongst the key stakeholders including Administration, Physicians and Staff, while partnering with Patients and the Community to deliver improvement and achieve sustained results.


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