ScreenHunter_56 Oct. 25 16.20Negotiating the Minefield

Making Bundled Payments work for you in an era of Healthcare Payment Reform is a complex minefield of care coordination. Three key elements have been identified for successful transition to the pending mandates.1

  1. Simple and transparent Patient Reported Outcomes technology to derive analytics on cost, outcomes, and quality of care.
  2. High-integrity care coordination and patient engagement from pre-surgical consultation through discharge / post-acute care
  3. Physician and Hospital Alignment

Introducing ValidCare

ValidCare is a Colorado-based, Digital Healthcare company focused on improving the surgical episode of care. Our Customers, who are pioneering the transformation to value-based care, improve their financial, operational, and patient health by leveraging our enabling technologies.

Our Network achieves this by:

  • SaaS Patient Reported Outcomes technology connecting natively to Patients’ iOS and Android devices
  • Coordinating communication with the Patient across the full continuum of care, and creating real-time/actionable alerting within each Surgical Care Track in a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based communication platform
  • Providing actionable alerts and reporting helping Healthcare Systems and Physician Groups reduce readmissions, improve the quality of care, and reduce costs
  • Delivering real-time education, reminders, alerts, and exception repoting helping to quantify and monetize the analytics tied to Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Implementing ValidCare Surgeon/Hospital alignment services to facilitate the adoption of value-based care models, e.g., episodic bundles
  • Redesign of processes and reallocation or existing resources to help drive adoption and realization of savings targets

Improving Outcomes, Reducing Cost, Building Lifetime Patient Engagement

ValidCare is developing a Patient Reported Outcomes network of Hospital, Surgery Center, and Physician Group participants committed to working together across the surgical episode to better manage the Health of our communities. Our aim is to simplify, clarify, and transform the patient experience. We hope to help you deliver the highest quality outcomes at the lowest total cost – one patient at time. | | 844.825.VALIDCARE (825-4322)

1. Jeff Rowe, 10/21/2015, How Bundled Payments are Lowering Costs and Improving Workflows, Healthcare IT News